Please have a look at the list below. Please keep in mind, what is not listed here may still be considered an act of Cheating. A few examples as defined by cheating.

Before the competition

  • Students/Parents-Asking additional information with the intension ‘to gain an advantage’ over other students/teams.
  • Students/Parents-Reaching out to competition administration to gain favor in the hopes to advance the student participant or to gain an advantage before the competition.

During the competition

  • Student/Parents-Interfering with the administrative team during competition operation.
  • Student/Parents-Student use additional equipment or access additional hardware/software/reference materials outside those permitted by the scope document. This includes access the internet, using a search engine, seeking assistance from others via digital means.
  • Student-seeking assistance from others not authorized by the competition administration.

After the competition

  • Student/Parents-Pointing out an opponent’s fault as a means to advance oneself.