Opening the Box – Building a basic Rolling Platform

  • Locate parts: structure, pins, wheels, motors, brain, and sensors.
  • Build the basic tank (a rolling platform to which attachments will be added later: (Link).

Driver Control

  • Connecting the tank to a hand held remote controller (Link-1st Gen units).
  • Drive the tank around making sure it can go: FWD, BWD, Turn Left and Right.

Autonomous Control

Introduction to VEX-Code

To access VEX-Code (Link)

Example/Demo: Create a program that will drive the Tank (FWD, BWD, Turn Left and Right).

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Building Attachments (1)

Try to build small attachments to move the game disks around the table.

Building Attachments (2)

Try to build slightly larger attachments to trigger the release of the disks from the game towers.

Building Attachments (3)

Try to build an attachment to reach over the game walls.