Updated: Aug.5.2018

VEX- IQ Competition Events (Full Competition)

For 2018/2019 the VEX IQ B.C. League will compete in the following format(s):

  • Teamwork Challenge: Driver Controlled Robots – two-team alliance works together to score points (Standing VRC rules including ‘final’ rounds)
  • Robot Skills Challenge:  Driver Controlled Robot – one team scoring points with one robot (Highest placing team will win this challenge category)
  • Programming Skills Challenge:  Autonomous Robot Programming – one team scoring with one robot (Highest placing team will win this challenge category)


  • The Design (Judging) Award is presented to a team that uses the Engineering Notebook to demonstrate an organized and effective approach to the robot design process, project and time management skills, and team organization. The winning team will be able to describe how they implemented an efficient and effective design process to accomplish their project goals.

In the event of a ‘tie’ for the Excellence Award, the determining factor will be based on additional ‘Optional’ component(s) completed by the team.  It is absolutely advantageous for teams to attempt as many optional components as possible.





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