Updated: Dec.14.21

School Sponsor/Site Supervisor Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

Please note: this competition is a school sponsored/related competition. All students participating must attend a qualified B.C. School. This can include public, private, independent, and religious denomination schools. Home schoolers must be attached to a supervising school district or school related organization to qualify.

Each student participant must have an adult school representative to act as a sponsor/supervisor. This individual must be willing to act ‘on behalf’ of the school administration and school district office. A school sponsor/supervisor may supervise more than one student within the same organization.

The role and responsibilities of the school sponsor/supervisor:

  • Register the student into the competition and submit the information to the technical chair.
  • Locate/Provide a location for the competition.
  • Submit competition results via email to the technical chair at the end of the competition week.
  • Pay for the registration using a credit card. (Provincial Competition – when qualified)
  • Actively supervise the student before and during the competition.
  • The sponsor/supervisor must also act as a ‘communication person’ between the students/families and the SkillsBC competition administration.
  • Ensure that all rules and competition regulations are followed.
  • Ensure that the student and their family follow all Code of Conduct stated by this document and those stated by Skills Canada and SkillsBC.
  • Certified the student/team’s performance as independent and without help during the competition.
  • Ensure the student/team follows all district honesty/cheating policies.
  • Ensure the student/team follows all district/site COVID and safety protocols.

School Sponsor/Site Supervisor should have a proficient knowledge in using MS-Word, Excel, and be able to send email with attachment.

Information and updates will be sent from the competition administration via emails and web postings to the school sponsor/supervisor. All questions and concerns from the participating student and their family must go through the school sponsor/supervisor to the competition administration via email. The competition administration will not accept and/or reply to messages directly from the students and their families.

Please refer to the Code of Conduct page for specific details. (Link)

A message to all school sponsor/supervisor
If you feel the above conditions are above your expectations and your ability to enforce these conditions with your student(s) and their families, please refrain from accepting this position and ask someone else from your organization to take up the responsibilities. If a school sponsor/supervisor is not willing to step forward, the student(s) from your organization will not be participating.

The competition administration consists of the competition Technical Chair, competition event staff, SkillsBC competition manager, and senior members of the SkillsBC executive management team.