The Competition Week

Updated: Dec.11.21

Students are to arrive and leave the competition site with: No paper, No technology devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.).

Everyone must adhere to the competition site COVID safety protocols.

Be respectful of all staff and students present.

Parents/non-competition related individuals are not allowed in the competition area (ie: computer lab).

Arrive to the event ahead of scheduled time.

Check In with the site supervisor.

Make sure your teammates have arrived as well before starting the competition.

Please make sure to ask the site supervisor to check off each competition tutorial as you finish. It is important to demonstrate the end of the competition clock on the virtual simulation. The clock can be stopped by adding a ‘Stop Project’ block at the end of your main stack of the program.

The amount of time used by the virtual robot to perform the required tutorial task is to be recorded by the site supervisor in writing. Please make sure you have seen your results being recorded before saving your file to the computer.

Lastly, make sure you have saved your file before starting a new competition tutorial.