To Register

New to Robotics Competition: read this before starting (PDF)

(1) You will need an account at (Link)

(2) Login with your account (Link)

If you would like to register for a Competitive Event, you will need to register for an official Team ID.  The once per year registration is:

$150.00 USD for the first robot team, and $100.00 USD for each additional robot team with the same team number. Paid online via Credit Card.

For ‘Competitive Event(s)‘, each event entry is $45.00 CAD per robot. $75.00 CAD for the Prov. Championship.

Age Restriction(s):

Student – Anyone born after April 30, 2005 (age 13 or lower) or enrolled in grade 8 or lower on April 30, 2019. Anyone enrolled in grade 9 on April 30, 2019 is only eligible to participate on a VEX IQ Challenge team when enrolled in a middle school or district, which includes grade 8, but not grade 10. Students are the individuals who design, build, repair, and program the Robot with minimal adult assistance.

  • Elementary School Student – A Student enrolled in grade 5 or lower, or enrolled in grade 6 in a school which includes grade 5, but not grade 7 (e.g., K-6, 2-6, 3-6, 4-6, 5-6).
  • Middle School Student – Any eligible Student that is not an Elementary School Student.

Team – Two or more Students make up a team. A Team is classified as an Elementary School Team if all members are Elementary School Students. A Team is classified as Middle School if any members are Middle School Students. Teams may be associated with schools, community/youth organizations, or a group of neighborhood Students.

if you are unsure of the above restriction(s), or require clarifications, please contact Brian Yu

For Non-Competitive Events: you do not need to register for a team ID.  if you have trouble using the online registration system, please email Brian Yu

For ‘Non-Competitive Event(s)‘, event entry is $25.00 CAD per robot.

(3) Select your event(s) (Link)

(4) Please bring cash payment for your registration to the “Check In” Counter at the event.