Advice to Coaches

Consider ways your team’s behaviour can be transparent and in accordance with the code of conduct. This will help to preventing other teams from making accusations against your team, to purposely disqualify your team from moving forward. Teams and coaches who wish to bring up concerns regarding another team should consider how this will impact your team. If these accusations are used as a mean/tool to move your team ahead, this will be interpreted as malicious and inflammatory. Ultimately this will lead your team down a path that will not be successful within the competition. Please refer to the game manual under R1 and the code of conduct.

As of July 2018, it is the recommendation of the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation (RECF) that teams wishing to be successful at the provincial championship and at the world championship should attend at least four VEX-IQ events within the season to give students and coaches the opportunity to experience steadfast focus at the competition with teams just as determined.

With that announcement being made in July, five non-competitive events/scrimmage have been added to this year’s event calendar for teams to practice their competition performance skills. These events are non-mandatory. However, teams wishing to compete at the world ranking level will most certainly take these opportunities seriously.

This year’s game look quite simple to play, but in fact, the challenge is in its simplicity. RECF is expecting most competitive team to score the maximum points within the match. Therefore, determining the tournament champion will depend on a number of other factors. For the highest scores possible stay tuned to the VEX IQ Forum and attend as many events as possible.